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One of the largest Solar Firms worldwide

The “Gänsdorf Project” in Straßkirchen
We realized one of the largest solar farms woldwide in Lower Bavaria in no more than four months of construction time. Its surface area is that of about 270 football fields and it generates up to 54 megawatt.

Open-space capacity
The Straßkirchen solar farm was built on an area of 135ha. A fast realization was made possible by the KRINNER ground screw innovation. It only took four months to screw in more than 51,000 ground screws, bearing about 240,000 multi-crystalline solar modules.
The electricity generated here is approx. 60m kWh p.a., sufficient for up to 17,000 households.

Innovations for the environment
KRINNER Schraubfundamente is committed to functional and environmentally friendly solutions. This is why it is always coming up with new innovations and proprietary developments. Ground screws do not only have the advantage that the screw-in machines can be installed
in no time, they can also be positioned exactly where needed, be adjusted exactly as needed and are storm-proof and suitable for all kinds of soil – even on slopes.

Another outstanding feature is that using ground screws renders concreting unnecessary. The ground remains unsealed – a gentle deconstruction after 20 or 30 years is possible. KRINNER Schraubfundamente also does without unnecessary and expensive temporary roads during construction and as an extra service can provide an industrial truck to transport
the alternating-current converter.

Flex III-3 H50; two rows,
vertical format
54,885 kWp total capacity
125,322m construction length
243,936 modules
52,060 ground screws